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Uplifted Pole Fitness Cavan

What is Pole Fitness? There are multiple amounts of exercises you can do in Pole Fitness that you would also do in gym setting, i.e yoga classes, gymnastic classes, the only difference is there a pole incorporated. From chin up’s, pull ups, planks, press up’s, crunches, for example, you name we do it on Pole. The only difference your using your body weight for resistance.

Pole Fitness is a huge phenomenon at the moment and it’s growing hugely!

Have Fun Get Fit

One thing I hear all the time from people is “ I wouldn’t be able to do that, I’ve no strength” and my repeated response is, “When you want to join a gym do you get fit first before going to it”.

With Pole Fitness your upper and lower body strength soars. It’s a cardio and strength workout. Every class you work every muscle without realising it because it’s a fun workout also. You can burn up to 300 calories in one class, the more advanced you become the more calories you burn.

Every 8 weeks you will see a change in your body, that’s only 2 months, how good is that.

It challenges you in so many ways, testing your endurance and strength.
Physically – you use every muscle in your body in every class. Every 8 weeks you see physical changes in your body.

Emotionally &Mentally – You grow as a person, you learn to believe in yourself and push yourself to do better. You become more confident in yourself and learn who you are. Pole fitness is nothing more than magic and inspiration.

Our Studio is a place where people encourage each other and want everyone to do well.

Why Join?


Pole fitness is so unique in the fact that anyone can join. Gender, age, fitness level, none have a specific requirement. If you can manage to book a class your fit enough..

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There is no end to the level of fitness a person can reach; Pole fitness is always up skilling to new dimensions. We offer Friendship, Fun, Confidence, Support, and Encouragement & lots more.

About Me


I love it, the buzz of seeing the girls nail those difficult moves, helping them to believe in themselves and seeing the twinkle in their eyes when they realise, that they too have the power to succeed with Pole Fitness.

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Requirements When Joining