Benefits of pole fitness

Can anyone take part in a course of classes? Why should I join?

Pole fitness is so unique in the fact that anyone can join. Gender, age, fitness level, none have a specific requirement. If you can manage to book a class your fit enough.

All shapes and sizes are capable of taking part, Australian pole dancing athlete Deborah Roach is a champion in the disabled division, and has only one arm. Nothing stands in her way.

Mentally, physically, emotionally you build yourself every week. If you are looking for something fun, unique and see results too then this is the class for you.

We offer Friendship, Fun, Confidence, Support, and Encouragement & lots more. The Pole is powerful!

pole fitness ireland

Burn calories!!

You burn calories!!.
With Pole Fitness you are always moving using all your muscles.

You burn as many calories as any other fitness class maybe even more.



self confidence

It builds your confidence – once you take the first step and start classes, then begin to learn the basics you’ll find your confidence start to grow, you will notice you have the strength, stamina and endurance to do the moves and want to progress and do more and more, you’ll see a change in your body, posture and health.