About Me..

sylvia mccormick pole fitness cavan

And then there is me. I always wanted to try it but never had the confidence and no one would try it with me. Then by chance I googled it one day and up pop's Just Spin It in Cavan.

So I plucked up the courage and decided to sign up. I was terrified. I didn’t know what was ahead of me and going on my own was not something I was used to. I hated gyms and didn’t do any fitness, it was all too much hard work!.

So I just went that day to my first class and I fell in love, I was instantly addicted. I was counting down the days until my next class.

The people were amazing and the bonds created are indescribable. Everyone wants everyone to do well, encouraging and motivating eachother. I began doing more classes. My confidence was growing, my body was changing , I never felt so alive.

sylvia mccormick
I learned who I was as a person and the determination and motivation I had hidden for years come to the surface. Then I travelled to Australia and as anyone knows thist is a big life adjustment however I was not prepared for the life adjustment for when I came back to Ireland.

Nobody mentions that, it’s always the other way around. I found myself once again lost with no job, not knowing, what to do, everything had changed for me. I felt myself going into a depression, constantly worrying about my next move and how I was going to start making a life for myself AGAIN.

I went back to Pole classes and I can’t express how much they saved me. I started building back up my confidence, relearning the power in myself to have the life I wanted and deserved.

sylvia mccormick pole dancing cavan
Then magically doors started to open for me. I have never looked back. Emotionally, physically and mentally I built myself up again only this time I was here to stay, I started increasing my training and then the opportunity to teach came along, I jumped at the chance.

I trained 6-7 days a week and did my Pole Fitness course. I started teaching and it felt like home, it was where I was meant to move to next.

I loved it, the buzz of seeing the girls nail those difficult moves, helping them to believe in themselves and seeing the twinkle in their eyes when they realise I am not lying to them, that they too have the power to succeed.

sylvia mccormick pole

I know by every beginner who walks through the door, the ones who are determined, open minded and willing to work hard and the ones who are just not ready or basically it’s not for them and thats ok.

They need to find their passion.

So now the door has opened for me to try this on my own my own way and my own terms.
And I am so excited.
I know it has potential and is very unique.
Thats my story for now as they say.......To be contd.